Martinsville Illinois


Population 734
Completed MAPPING program in 2011


“The MAPPING program validated a vision for our community to ensure Martinsville remains a great place to call home for years to come.  The organization of six  Action Teams (Festivals & Events, Environmentally Friendly, Education, Housing, Downtown Revitalization and Industrial/Economic Development) has been instrumental in the focus and success of our efforts.   We have seen an increased level of involvement in the community and organizations are working together to promote the betterment of our community.” – Norma Calvert, Community Champion, Martinsville

  • Won a 2012 Governor’s Hometown Award for their population recognizing the community development projects they have undertaken.
  • Hosted a Peace Corps Fellow intern to assist them with high priority community development projects.
  • Expanded the capacity of their afterschool program.
  • Development a mentoring program, matching Martinsville High School students with successful college graduates from Martinsville.
  • Organized a summer reading program at the local library.
  • Through numerous fundraisers, grants and donations (over $100,000!) the group built an amphitheater which has become a focal point for the community.
  • Provided breakfast at the Teacher’s Institute Day, and took funding requests from teachers for educational projects. They funded two projects with proceeds from previous fundraisers.
  • Held a Heritage Days National Road Festival, featuring artisan demonstrations and booths, an equine parade, and entertainment.
  • Completed a mural downtown.
  • Held two city clean-ups to improve the appearance of the city park, cemetery, and downtown business area, as well as assist elderly residents with moving unwanted items to the curb for the city-wide clean-up day.
  • Set up a one day household hazardous waste pick up.
  • Collaborated with the county farmer’s market to promote local foods and pursue LINK use at the farmers market.
  • Made a visual presentation to the city council on properties in Martinsville that need to be addressed, and offered the assistance to clean-up of unsafe and unsightly housing and property.
  • Added success stories to the city website that highlight successful Martinsville alumni.
  • Started a recycling program in Martinsville.
  • Turning Linn Park into a botanical garden by labeling all plants and partnering with master gardeners.
  • Held a dinner etiquette program for high school and junior high students.
  • Coordinated a family cooking night course to teach 30 minute recipes, easy family dinners, and healthy desserts.
  • Held a “farm to table” dinner.